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What is Likeable Software?

Software should serve you. It should help you with your work, encourage your creativity, be polite, be knowledgeable, have a good memory, and be ever-ready.

But, typically, the reverse is true. We, the users, are required to find the files, to repeatedly answer the same questions (YES I’m sure), to remember unintuitive commands, and then to be rudely told that we have made errors!

Likeable Software is working to make computers better servants to us, the users, by focusing on human/computer interaction and usability at all levels of software.

We research, design and develop our own likeable software (projects section coming soon) as well as for others (contracting section coming soon).

Contact Details

Brian Danilko of Likeable Software can be contacted in the following ways:

Electronic mail

Physical Address Likeable Software, 14 Cypress Avenue, Hawthorndene, SA, 5051, Australia

Telephone 0410 510 114 (within Australia) 61 410 510 114 (from outside Australia)

Being in Adelaide, South Australia, we have great weather, beautiful beaches and a very usable city. On the negative side we have a time zone vastly different from a large portion of the world (current Adelaide time, dialing info, etc. can be found at:

Of course, email doesn’t suffer from time zone problems…

041 051 0114